August 15, 2021

Responsabilidad Social de las empresas de exhibidores ¿Porqué es importante y beneficia al mundo de sus clientes y a ellos mismos?

The Socially Responsible Companies (ESR) are those that seek to carry out intentional actions, with the purpose of collaborating in the social, economic and environmental development of the community where they carry out their activities. 

We consider ESR companies those that carry out their activities in a respectful manner at all levels of their production chain, paying fair prices for raw materials and treating their employees ethically. 

On the other hand, they are companies that are concerned about the environment of the country where they have situated their offices, and usually have energy saving policies and make correct use of their resources. 

ESR companies are characterized by motivating their associates, suppliers and customers to constantly participate in their corporate social responsibility practices, which are directed to creating wealth and improving the situation and opportunities wherever their offices are located. 

The 78% of companies in Mexico affirm that they have a budget earmarked for managing Social Responsibility.1

There are different acknowledgements and awards with which companies can be certified in order to be recognized nationally and internationally, among them are:

The ESR Award is a recognition issued by CEMEFI and the ALIARSE por Mexico organization to companies that adopt the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model in their company.

According to data from the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, there are 1,228 organizations that have been certified as Socially Responsible Companies.2

A family-oriented responsible company is one that can prove to be a promoter of good labor practices as far as gender equality, prevention, combating workplace violence and sexual and gender harassment, as well as actions and policies to promote good treatment for the families of its associates.

IInternationally there are ISOnorms, or standards that serve to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products and services. These are granted by the International Organization for Standardization, a non-governmental organization that is present in 193 countries.

There are approximately 22,000 ISO standards covering virtually every industry from technology to agriculture to healthcare.

Some of these standards are:

  1. ISO 9001, focuses on the costumer.
  2. ISO 14001, focuses on the environment.
  3. ISO 22000, focuses on health and food safety.

Sin duda, el que tu empresa cuente con certificaciones, te dará  una gran ventaja sobre tu competencia. Algunas de estas ventajas son las siguientes:

A) Prestige and RecognitionNowadays, more and more people support causes that seek to care of the planet, support social assistance y la inclusión, por lo que buscan empresas que pongan en práctica estas acciones y compartan sus pácticas a través de redes sociales, que comúnmente traciende hacia otro tipos de medios como revistas y periódicos. Esto ayuda a reforzar la loyalty of consumers and generates positive brand recognition.

B) Employee motivationEmployees mainly the current generation (millennials), pay close attention to the fact that companies are socially responsible and that they have, among their activities, volunteer programs, and campaigns that support the most vulnerable communities in 

emergency situations. On the other hand, identifying with fair causes such as the fight against feminicide, homophobia or child abuse awakens their interest.

C) Well-being of the associates: The fact that your company has a socially responsible business culture generates an emotional well-being in the associates, since they feel satisfied inside by the opportunity that you are giving them as a company to contribute to a change. That is why their performance is better and they want to improve themselves personally and professionally, which creates a healthy work environment.

D) A desired work environmentVolunteer programs promote the professional and personal growth of employees, as they learn to work as a team in an attractive way, to find solutions easily and creatively, as well as to recognize the value of other people.


Nowadays, it is increasingly common for a company to be certified as ESR, since the benefits are not only for the company, but also for each and every one of the interest groups that surround it, including suppliers, clients, investors and communities with which the brand is committed. 

If your company does not yet have any of the previously mentioned awards, it is worth working internally towards obtaining it. This will add a lot of value to your brand and will inspire more confidence to your customers.



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