November 27, 2020

¿Qué es Marketing Experiencial? Conoce la importancia de generar una gran experiencia de compra en el punto de venta con exhibidores.

With the passage of time, marketing has gone from being focused on the product y en las características que lo definen a analizar más a las personas y el beneficio que el producto otorga promocionandolo en los exhibidores.

This has allowed brands to create much closer ties with their consumer.

Some examples of brands that have achieved loyalty from their consumers through experience are: Apple, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, among.

Apple: It knew how to apply experiential marketing in an extraordinary way inside its stores, since it allows consumers to have a closeness with the products. In the last 14 years, Apple stores have increased fivefold (from 100 to 500).

Source: Establecimientos Apple a nivel mundial

Coca-Cola: In 2011, they launched the ""Share a Coke", campaign, which was the first of its kind to celebrate the power of the first name in a playful and social way, by switching the name of the Coca-Cola brand in bottles and cans for the most popular names.

Starbucks: Since the beginning, Starbucks has built loyalty with its consumers.

One of their most powerful strategies has been to put the customer’s name and sometimes messages on their drink.

This makes the barista become familiar with the customers, so that on their next visit to the cafe he greets them by their name when entering, making them feel at home.

“82% of brands think they are offering an optimal experience, while 72% of consumers have found inconsistencies in the same experience in some of the contact points”.1

Some of the advantages of providing a good company experience are:

  • Encourages customers to buy again.
  • Builds loyalty customer.
  • Customers become ambassadors.

the shopping experience at the point of sale has become one of the most important to be solved by brands in recent years.

Today people do not want to only purchase a product or service that meets their needs, but also to look forward to a shopping experience beautiful and unique.

For this reason, stores are paying more and more attention to this variable.

Currently, technology is increasingly used by brands to improve the shopping experience of to buy at the point of sale.

This not only improves the experience, but also offers very valuable information for the marca to make better decisions that will help improve the value they offer.


The experiential marketing, seeks that people receive our message, encode it and in this way give a value to the marca generating maximum emotion through the five senses.

Article by Luis Guerrero

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